Bev Symons will present an introduction to creating your own family trees and an overview of what DNA research may bring to your story or more accurately, stories.

Building your own family tree can present startling information along with amazing insights on how the lives of your ancestors have impacted your life today. Bev will also give a basic introduction to DNA testing and the companies that offer it. She will discuss which testing company might best suit your own individual search and she’ll provide useful online links.


You probably weren’t an Egyptian princess centuries ago, but you will certainly get a better idea of who you really were in your past lives!


Following the talk, we would love to hear from those of you who have explored your own genealogy: What is the strangest or most surprising discovery you have made?

WARNING: Genealogy is addictive.:-)

Bev has been a member of our club since she moved to Stratford in 2016. She served two years as treasurer as well as headed a number of initiatives for our Advocacy Committee including the initial proposal for the ban on single use plastics to the City of Stratford, the introduction and promotion of The Resilience Project, our club’s Long Term Care Emergency Resolution, as well as the related province-wide survey. 

Although genealogy has been a lifetime passion, Bev has had a varied career. Born and raised in St. Lambert on the South Shore of Montreal, she attended Loyola College and graduated with a BA in Communication Arts. She began stage managing and then producing theatre in Montreal, North Hatley, and Thunder Bay. In search of greater business expertise, she earned an MBA from the University of Manitoba and was immediately recruited by the TD Bank. This led to a job as a senior commercial lender at the TD in Toronto, specializing in land servicing and development. 

Bev and Barry Krauter have been married for almost 40 years. They have two sons and settled in Markham, Ontario. Bev stayed home for about 15 years when their first child was born with cerebral palsy. Together they embarked on full time therapies and enrichment activities which proved successful. Later, after returning to work for a hospice, Bev did freelance web design and later, started teaching core French uncertified. She went back to school to certify in her fifties and obtained a Master of Science in Education, researching a method of early language integration. She ended her career teaching Grade One French Immersion in Markham and loving it.

Now settled in her dream town of Stratford, Bev and Barry enjoy theatre, music, gardening, and wonderful friends. Of course, Bev now has a tiny bit of time for genealogy.