We can take great pride in our Club and the good work of our Advocacy committee under the direction of Dariel Bateman. At a Special CFUW National General Meeting on August 8, three (3) Resolutions crafted by the CFUW Stratford received more than 90% approval among delegates from coast to coast to coast.  It would appear that it is the first time in the history of CFUW that a single club has sponsored three resolutions adopted at a national AGM in the same year. We salute the hard work of the Advocacy committee members and offer this group our most sincere congratulations. The three resolutions are:

Long Term Care under Canada Health Act 2020. (Bev Symons); Achieving the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action (Lorraine Kuepfer and Louise McCall); Climate Emergency – Declarations and Action Plans Anne Carbert).

For a full text of the resolutions, click here: CFUW Stratford Club Resolutions passed at National AGM 2020