MinisterApril 23 2013 CFUW Stratford General Meeting Minutes

Rev. Lynn Mitchell , Associate Priest at St. James Anglican Church in Stratford was the guest speaker for CFUW-Stratford’s April general meeting.  Lynn was ordained as an Anglican Church Minister in 1988.  Lynn gave a fascinating history of the roles of women in Christianity, especially in the Anglican Church.  The concept of ordaining women as church leaders has been controversial and divisive.  Despite this, a large number of modern churches ordain women and even more have women in leadership roles.  Lynn noted that ordained women frequently come up against “a stained-glass ceiling” when attempting to move into larger roles in their churches, as the current contentious issue of Women Bishops in the Church of England clearly demonstrates.  Rev. Mitchell has used humor and tenacity to overcome any barriers she may have faced. She is shown here with her tea towel that states “A Woman’s Place is in the House…of Bishops.”