Dr. Anna L. Esselment, Chair, Department of Political Science, University of Waterloo was the guest speaker at the April General Meeting of CFUW-Stratford.

Dr Esselment is interested in inter-governmental relations. She started by mentioning her connection to CFUW: in 1941 her grandmother graduated from McDonald College of Household Science, (now the University of Guelph And joined CFUW. In 1976, her mother graduated with a B.A. in English from York, then joined CUSO and spent two years in Ghana. She confirmed that CFUW has served women well as evidenced by the fact that currently, women outnumber men on campuses across Canada. The question now is WHEN you go to University, what will you study?

Dr Esselment wished to address the steps leading to Confederation in the evenings talk. Her theses centred on Federalism and the impact of language, with the focus on the English-French dichotomy.

Photo of Dr. Anna Esselment