Dr. Cranla Warren, Organizational Psychologist and Emotion and Social Scientist, will share strategies based in neuroscience, designed to help us thrive during times of disruption, stress, and uncertainty.

You will learn to leverage emotional and social intelligence skills to help you create a sense of calm, allowing you to focus on the actions you need to take to create outcomes that matter.

The world feels unstable, unpredictable, and uncertain and often overwhelming these days. The advice most often heard is to focus on what is within our control and let go of what we can’t control. In this interactive and informative zoom session, you will be given some strategies for following that great advice!



A lifelong student of human behaviour, Dr. Cranla Warren holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Leadership. As a scholar-practitioner, she holds multiple graduate degrees across the disciplines of Social Work, Philosophy, and Psychology. Dr. Warren is currently Vice President of Leadership Development at the Institute for Health and Human Potential.

As a psychologist, business leader, mental health practitioner, former psychotherapist and family therapist, coach, and mentor, Dr. Warren aligns her knowledge and passions to help others “grow to where they want to go”. Grounded in her values of “people first, discover purpose, and express passions”, Cranla feels called to be of service to others in their pursuit of uncovering their values, purpose, and self leadership.

Cranla’s work has been recognized by the Institute for Health and Human Potential, Centennial College, Toronto Metropolitan University, Bowie State University, and 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women where she has been named to the distinguished list of 2022 honourees. Dr. Warren was also recently selected as a leadership development partner for one of the executives of a world renown government entity.

In the community Cranla sits on Stratford’s Community Equity Action Team (CEAT) as a citizen member along with the Chief of Police and the Chair of the Police Services Board, and 6 other community members. CEAT is a community advisory committee committed to building a bridge and strengthening understanding and relationships between Stratford Police Services and the broader community.

Dr Cranla Warren believes that success is defined by an ability to truly listen, connect and collaborate. It all starts with aligning your attention with your impact.  She also believes that a strong foundation of self awareness, emotional literacy – and a focus on talent, builds great leaders, fosters rich employee experiences and creates great places to work.

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