Our new Food Waste Reduction webpage collects all our campaign posts. Find it here!

On Earth Day 2021, our Advocacy Committee’s Climate Working Group launched a 10-week social media campaign to share information and action suggestions for reducing household food waste. The campaign continues for the rest of June.

Take a look at this short video encouraging everyone to follow along:

Average Canadian households waste 140 kilograms of food a year at an annual cost of $1,100. Food waste occurs in households for several reasons, including: over purchasing, lack of meal planning, misunderstanding “best before” or “expired” dates, and reluctance to eat leftovers.

Reducing household food waste is climate action in your kitchen! In landfill, food waste emits harmful greenhouse gases. When food that could have been eaten ends up in our Green Bins or composters, we waste the energy and resources that were invested in growing, harvesting, processing, and transporting it.

What can we do? Follow our motto: USE IT ALL UP! Please take a look at our new webpage that brings together all the social media posts for this campaign — with food waste reduction information, links, and action tips.

Also join in on social media and share your reactions and your own tips and ideas! We’re on Facebook and Instagram.