Founded in 1919, CFUW is a national, non-profit, non-partisan organization of women who work towards the improvement of the status of women and girls, the promotion of quality public education, and the advancement of human rights, justice and peace.
CFUW Stratford was founded in 1953 and is one of over 100 CFUW groups across Canada. CFUW Stratford members are also members of Graduate Women International, an international network of women’s organizations in over 60 countries worldwide.
Any woman is eligible for membership if she supports the purposes of CFUW. You do not need to be a university or college graduate. We welcome new members. Build your connections locally and be part of a national and global network of women with a common purpose!
Why join CFUW Stratford?
  • make new friends
  • network with other women
  • expand your interests and join our members’ interest groups Interest Groups
  •  on a wide variety of topics from book clubs, cultural outings, lunch and dinner events, craft groups, games, and more
  • attend monthly meetings with interesting speakers on educational, cultural, and social issues from September to May
  • get involved in your community and gain a national and international perspective on women’s issues
  • support local scholarships for secondary school graduates continuing on to post-secondary education
  • influence policy and legislation on a wide variety of issues at local, provincial, national, and international levels through our CFUW Stratford Advocacy Committee, CFUW Ontario Council, CFUW National and Graduate Women International
  • enjoy member discounts for various services including travel on VIA Rail
  • participate in local, regional, national and international conferences, seminars, training, and continuing-learning opportunities
  • HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE by supporting CFUW’s mission for education, the rights of women and girls, and a peaceful, sustainable future
Dues: Membership dues are $100.00 per year, or $50 per year for post-secondary students. Dues support local and national CFUW events, activities, and advocacy, as well as Graduate Women International’s work for women’s education and capacity building around the world.
For more information please contact Anne Carbert, Membership Chair, at
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You may download our membership form and privacy policy here CFUW Membership Form 2017 .

Membership is open to all women in and around Stratford, both those with a university or college degree, as well as women who share the CFUW goals of improving the status of women and girls; promoting quality public education; and advancing human rights, justice and peace. We welcome new members!