The City of Stratford, together with CFUW Stratford, have created two helpful event planning Tip-Sheets.

There are a great many charity, fund-raising, and social events each year in Stratford. As a community, we care about and support many worthy causes and volunteer thousands of hours to make this a good place to live for all residents.

Addressing those who tirelessly organize community events and continue to seek better ways each year to reduce waste and protect the environment, CFUW Stratford has created a simple 2 page tip sheet, ‘How to Host a Greener Event’.  The tip sheet introduces things to think about as you plan the details of your event and make choices about supplies, waste disposal, and how you might initiate environmentally-friendly changes.

There is also a short companion pamphlet, the ‘Guide to Hosting Greener Events’, which provides more detail for waste reduction and diversion at your event, success stories, and further resources. Both documents are linked below.

These documents were prepared by CFUW Stratford with the support of the Energy & Environment Committee of the City of Stratford. The City of Stratford has now made this tip-sheet available on the City’s website.


How to Host a Greener Event

Guide to Hosting Greener Events

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