Can you believe that some people have to work over 15 months to earn what their colleagues make in one year? CFUW Stratford is publicizing the income gap between women and men, leading up to April 10th: Equal Pay Day. 

Members of CFUW-Stratford Wear Red For Equal Pay Day

In 2018, it seems inconceivable that women are still paid less than men, across all sectors. To raise awareness and incite action, CFUW Stratford  will be posting “info-bytes” regularly to our Facebook page ( and to our Twitter account (@CFUWStratford).
It is an opportunity to learn the facts — the better to speak and to act to correct this huge inequity. There will be information about the gaps and suggestions for ways to combat them. And on April 10th, 2018, the day that women’s earnings reach the income their male co-workers made in 2017, we encourage everyone to wear red, to support the battle for equal pay, regardless of gender or race.