The titles of the four resolutions proposed for National AGM 2021 are listed in the table below.  Thank you to CFUW Nepean, CFUW Cape Breton, AFDU Montréal Lakeshore and the CFUW International Relations Committee for the thoughtful attention they have given to the preparation of their resolutions and for their collaboration with the Resolutions Committee.

The next step in this process is for Clubs to study the Resolved Clauses, Background, and Implementation sections of each Resolution, using the well-researched Bibliographies as required.

Members of CFUW-Stratford Club are invited to participate in resolution discussion groups and in the General Meeting on March 23, 2021.

Table of Proposed Resolutions for AGM 2021

Resolution Number Name of the Proposer Title
Resolution 1 CFUW
Single use Plastics and Plastic Packaging
Resolution 2 CFUW
Cape Breton
“Right to Repair” for Large Household Appliances
Resolution 3 AFDU Montréal Lakeshore Canada’s Opioid Crisis
Resolution 4 CFUW International Relations Committee Post-Pandemic Recovery for Women in Canada
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