United Way Perth-Huron’s Social Research and Planning Council is hosting a virtual basic income forum Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. on YouTube.

Around the world, basic income – an unconditional cash transfer from government to individuals – is becoming recognized as an effective way to help eliminate income and wealth inequalities, reduce poverty and economic insecurity, improve health for individuals, address gender equality, and transform the relationship between people and work.

“We’re glad to have an opportunity to further the discussion around basic income in our communities,” Joëlle Lamport-Lewis, director of research at the council, said in a release. “Momentum has been building across the social and political spectrum. We feel events like this basic income forum are a great way to educate people further on the topic and have an open and honest discussion around basic income and what it means to individuals.”

Moderated by actor, writer and voice-over artist Maev Beaty, the forum will feature a 45-minute discussion around basic income, including what it is, what it isn’t, why it’s important, and how to lift everyone out of poverty.

Panelists include Sen. Kim Pate, a national advocate and former executive director of the Canadian Association of the Elizabeth Fry Society supporting some of the most marginalized, victimized criminalized, and institutionalized citizens of Canada; Ron Hikel, a world-renowned expert and executive director of Minicome (the Manitoba Basic Annual Income Experiment) in Dauphin, Man., in the 1970s; Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier, associate professor and the graduate program co-ordinator in the school of social work at King’s University College at Western University and chair of Basic Income London; and Floyd Marinescu, CEO and co-founder of C4Media and a universal basic income activist.

All panelists bring a variety of viewpoints on the issue of basic income and will share facts, offer opinions, and respond to questions.

The Social Research and Planning Council is operated by United Way Perth-Huron and comprises volunteer community representatives dedicated to the collection, analysis and distribution of information relating to local social trends. Research enables United Way to discover and understand the root causes of issues affecting Perth-Huron and in turn mobilize the community.

Locally, the Social Research and Planning Council has been heavily involved in discussions around income inequality. The council supports the Living Wage program in Huron and Perth, has previously reported on the struggles of those in local communities trying to get by on less through the How Much is Enough? report, made recommendations for the creation of a regional Poverty Reduction Strategy, and struck a committee to look at the broader issue of income security in Perth-Huron

For more information about the event, the panelists, and the link to United Way Perth-Huron’s YouTube channel, visit perthhuron.unitedway.ca.


Article from: The Beacon Herald-Cory Smith-Published on: October 23, 2020 | Last Updated: October 23, 2020 3:49 PM EDT