CFUW Stratford Advocacy Plan
August 2023
Advocacy is core to the identity and history of CFUW and has been a key strength of CFUW Stratford.  Hence this club will continue to ensure that an advocacy committee will plan a limited number of projects for each year, and will respond to other issues by letters or postings, as is deemed appropriate.  All campaigns will fit within the guidelines of the policy book, and will focus on issues affecting justice, equity and wellbeing for women and girls.
The Advocacy Committee will ensure the operation and co-ordination of advocacy work.  It will submit a questionnaire to the membership prior to the September meeting, asking all to vote for three issues to be the focus of our advocacy work for the coming year.  Each of those issues will be managed by a chairperson and Working Group, focussing only on that one issue. Working Groups will be encouraged to use the S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting approach, planning approaches that are:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant and 
  • Timely
 Any plans for action/letters/etc. will be reviewed by the Advocacy Committee and then passed on to the President (for signature) or the membership for their involvement. 
The Advocacy Committee will be a resource and support for the Working Groups, co-ordinating the overall approach, and will be responsible for in-club communication which will be managed by an Advocacy Newsletter once a month to the full membership, plus an Advocacy FaceBook page which will keep members apprised of current campaigns.
The Committee and Working Groups will co-operate with other interested groups in the community to create more effective action on any project and to raise the awareness of CFUW as an advocacy group.
Requests regarding advocacy concerns that arise during the year, whether from members or from the Ontario Council or National will be addressed by the overall committee.
This plan will be reviewed by the Advocacy Committee and  the executive after a full year of operation.

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For 2023-24 the Working Groups will be dealing with Poverty & Housing; Climate Change; and Violence Against Women, areas of concern chosen by the members of the club.

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