This year’s speaker program theme is Building Resiliency. A year of adversity, isolation and uncertainty has taught us the value of building resiliency. The 2021-22 Stratford CFUW program will offer discussions and hands-on experiences that will inspire us to better understand and contribute to changes in our physical environment, the arts and culture community, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and the economy supporting a resilient self, a resilient Stratford, and a resilient world.

We will start the new season of speaker presentations on September 28th at 7pm and will share more details about the Building Resiliency theme. Julia Merritt, CEO and Director of the Stratford Public Library will showcase the surprising variety of resources that our modern library offers and CFUW Stratford’s many Interest Groups will be featured.

Virtual Meetings using the Zoom platform are scheduled for our 2021-2022 season, due to Covid-19 precautions and restrictions. We will meet in person as soon as safety precautions permit us to do so.

CFUW Stratford members will be emailed the Zoom link to join the meeting. Guests are welcome to attend 2 meetings each season free of charge — please email to request the Zoom link.

CFUW Stratford meetings are held monthly September to May, and include guest speaker presentations. Topics are diverse, current, educational and thought-provoking. See the full 2021-2022 speaker program schedule here.